At MedTax, we want to ensure you can do what matters most to you – spending time with your loved ones. As a medical professional, we want to make sure you are working with the right advisor to make important financial decisions in areas where you may not be an expert – changes in the market, etc. We want to ensure you make the right decisions daily, weekly or monthly to help you reach your financial goal.

For example, many of the services listed below are very similar to what our MedTax clients use on a monthly basis, our role was to help them budget accordingly for these expenditures.  If you are a medical professional and need a focused plan and an advisor to assist in customizing your financial portfolio, you have come to the right place. Our experts have broken down a few points in each area and services based on this individual’s monthly budgeting plan below.

1. Cleaning services and lawn maintenance

When they moved into her new home, it was around 1,000 square feet larger than her previous one, with an additional bathroom and bedroom.

They agreed to set aside money every two weeks to hire a cleaning service. They pay $110 every other week for our house to be cleaned, totalling around $220 each month. While it isn’t a tiny sum of money, they can easily make it up in three hours of work; unfortunately, that is roughly the time it would take them to clean their own house.

Similarly, we began paying $110 a month for weekly mowing, weeding, and landscaping. They thought it was worth it, especially because they didn’t have to buy lawn equipment.

2. Grocery and meal delivery services 

It’s no secret that eating out may deplete your financial resources. However, as a busy family with small children, committing to dining in for most meals meant planning ahead and being enthused about what they would be making. That’s why they decided to test a weekly supper meal planning service.

This worked for them since they were able to choose their own meals ahead of time, and everything was brought to their house on Monday, complete with recipes and ingredients. They spend $110 every week, which covers the cost of four dinners for their family of four.

3. Self-care costs 

They value self-care products such as home fitness equipment and monthly babysitters so they can enjoy a date night evening out.

They chose a spin bike, which cost $450 but was reimbursed by the husband’s company for $400. They also pay a monthly fee of $39.99 for access to live courses. Even if they just ride the bike a few times a week, they save a lot of money on gym memberships and drop-in spinning and yoga courses.

This couple has committed to a monthly date night now that their children are both sleeping through the night. The typical charge for sitters in their neighbourhood is $16/hour, so they normally spend roughly $56/month on evenings out – which they consider to be well worth it!

The aforementioned scratches the surface of the areas we can help medical professionals like yourself budget on a monthly basis.  Our goal is to give you back TIME to do what is most important to you!  With an expert advisor,  you can uncover more than you know as we educate you to make the right financial decisions, always.

Customize your financial portfolio today, and reach out to one of our team of experts for a free consultation here.

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